Client: WGCorporate

2023 - 2024

WGCorporate - WordPress website redesign, color scheme updates, better UI optimisation.


Since their inception in 1993, they embarked on co-packing journey within a modest 9,000 square-foot facility.

Originally focused on managing reclaimed and returned products for a prominent pharmaceutical company specializing in foot and skin care, WG has transformed over three decades. Today, they stand as a cutting-edge operation, boasting facilities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Lethbridge,Alberta. Expertly managing a diverse array of products spanning various industries on a global scale.

How we helped?

NORMEDIUS were approached to support WGCorporate new business modile with full website overhaul, new color scheme, helping clients better understand their services and easier communication with clients.

This is how we help WGCorporate redesign their website.